You can cry for the mistakes of others. You can cry for your own mistakes.

Just be at peace.

Just be fair.

Love and love and love.

For hate is strong but love is stronger.


Remember the fight against the fire? Love is the water and the ashes that remain are nothing other than the beginning of peace…

After me..

Forgive me for tonight,

I’m still at behind the tulles ..

I just wanted to know..

in the darkness , I wanted to love you with my all heart.

Keep my sorrows, happiness inside you.

get fairly tales and tell me

while I lie down on butterfly your chest.

forgive me for tonight, I just wanted to hear.

this powerful only can be ‘you’ to make me alive.

I wanted to take a little bit of your hands.

Caress my hairs..


first spring comes after me.

Give the water to flowers which is ours…

flowers are beautiful, smell all of them.

Write a poem for children ,

after me…


Will it remain white when snow melts?

Show me the colours reside in you.

a heart would multiply again when hopes run out?

tomorrow is too late for stay alive,

I wanna die in your arms.

I must fall slowly like deaf bullet .

Do not you start the dreams when I am a nightmare

the last time you touched my broken heart.

Take it , do not give to me back.

I have to blow out in the sky like a slidind star..

Look at the up ,tonight.

Sing me lullably.



Whereas our colours are beautiful so..

whereas the wind , fly in the our sky..

goes on top of clouds with your eyes closed

whereas hearts are beautiful ,what is beautiful is love

and the winter morning you are with me like snowflake

Forgive me , I made you melt with my all love.

And Forgive me , my sea..

if I have no time.

But do not forget,

teach the how smilling those children ,

Show your sweet dimples…

put a hope on your poem,

peace and love…

Tell with your own heart every night.

after me


Hello to everyone ! Today is an important day for me because it is my birthday today and had beautiful weather that! october actually more internal dims and rainy weather, but today the sun would kiss me and  a sweet breeze would hug me. I’m actually very happy , I’m somewhere at the seaside. and I’m drinking strawberry milkshake. And alone ..Some people accuse me of not even care about me, some people remember this special day with me, I thank them very much. to be remembered, it’s really appealing. and I always wanted to be remembered, unfortunately I did not deserve it. but somehow something always changing. Did you come as a birthday gift… Oh sea..

Thanks for the all.

And this lovely song..❤️

Our Stars

This was my second favorite movie and I always feel like kinda things so deeply. As a part of myself and I know if that is our star,  you and Me , we would be  under the same sky..

~Angels angels angels make him sleep sleep sleep

 Angels angels angels bring all her to me and he wants to be close to the northern star. ~
only the north star is illuminated with him. he is not aware of it..

Child of Autumn

 I do not like my words. All the words seemed cluttered in front of you . How many years go by, we are entering a couple of years. Life puts us where it is going. 

One writer was saying it -i can not remember name of this idiot writer- “I would be old after three year . You are young yet” there is to many people who think that we are getting older every day . But we can not see that we enjoy the life and we live still. Do not we still count with sweet memories alive?

In fact, you’re more mature than it should be at this age and you’re tired. Maybe you’re not tired, you’re nervous. We are afraid to step into a world fraught with danger. You’re afraid you most of the time. We has a heavy heart. We know that. You had fighting , discussions or misunderstanding …

They were the people who loved you or really hated. Sometimes you were happy for some of you were unhappy.

In fact, you’re like the sea, I always tell you that. With such a strong sea waves. 

Sometimes you want to go to war without thinking you’re like.

Sometimes we are happy to end up in this game of life, sometimes we are also in pain until the end. Do not give up.

This war will never tire you.

In fact, everyone lives in their own war. But we will win, this will be a joint victory.

My voice trembled as I am aware because has touched the unique sound.. So by staying. I could not stop my voice and do not know what I say, it exceeds my heart.

My heart is covered with a clear feeling and touching to your smell.

Already, every time I hear this voice.

There was something hoarsely, as if broken at any moment. Ready to almost cry both of us.This shows that there is love. And I waited for both crystalline tone. These days , My head has the spooky sounds, the pain was hidden inside. I scared. I seek refuge in you with a confidence . I want to open all the doors of me to your inside, my proximity is endless to yours. But here in front of me ,those words was going cluttered words, so i did not hear you well. But you came good with all lovely silence.

 I was waiting stubbornly this September , maybe love is waiting this September . 

Is yellow leaves dumped? Is the beginning of cold?

What does it make difference ?

We are children of autumn.

In my dictionary name of september ; an innocent baby came into the world and says a warm ‘hello’ as well and I want to say also.

Hello September! Finally you came so I glad I have you.

Hello my sweet dimples.

Welcome to the world…

  I was thinking when will I write about this September and I never slept in nights. Because I was expecting love which made me really myself. Was not began everything with that baby’s hello to the world ? And those priceless dimples…

It seemed to appear and disappear behind the cloud of blue.

Oh , of course I know this baby is from the sea and it came with a sweet breeze. It came to love and was born in love.My spirit knew it already from the immemorial. I call it by past eternity in that belief. 

I belong with you. But it does not know us anyone else but we give own life for the lives of others. 

Have you asked yourself that ? I actually felt it, just came to this earth for you. 

Am i not that person you were looking for ? 

Yes love….

There is cold and lonely but September is warm hearted. It came before me for the teach meaning of love. The blue of oceans are warming me. What if i get disappear ? That belong to you already. Do not let me go . That is beautiful beginning prisoner of the huge love. Then take me the all colours and give to me my endless blue, I would drop to the edge of the colour purple . You know, we have a boat in butterfly island. 

Oh , sing me the songs in the boat and whisper in my ears all songs we loved. Even say ” i sang very bad ‘”

 Do not know that I’d give my life for that sound. The deep blue tones, the crystlal clear sound,such as gentle water splash. I can listen you like a lullably. 

This day is just beautiful because you came . 

Smile and do not worry about at all. 

How i want you never know. Wish to be next to you several times to apologise because I can not go away. 

Do not ask it,

“Did we made any crime ‘ 

Just ask it,

“Does not understand language of the colours this evil world?”

No , nobody understand love of colours

I do not know how much you have left without me .  

But I hope you forgive me if there was a way to tell if I would try to believe.

If I had a chance I would not have unanswered you so and never let u go. 

But instead of yellowed letters in the dust not reached to you.

The name of the last letter was to say goodbye. I fall into the following situation could not find a way. One would not know if I’d stayed with you. I did not say I did not want to say. And I don’t want you to worry more.

I just do not want this , what hatred nor a expectation of the blackness in your life.

I can not teach you how to do breath under the water , you gonna do it . 

My sea.

You know better. 

Just do not worry and think about it. 

“My lady will always stay with me ,where I am , who I am . And will be always until last breath at the back of beyond.”

We should rejoice because no one has not like kinda love. I do not want to feel the tears on my skin because I feel in my heart that something is flowing . That is why my breathing is more difficult. Your dust of star which is flowing in my heart . 

Give a smile to my tender heart and be stay in there so I can feel deep. 

I will keep you always stored inside , one day 

if would come then I would be on the beach . You know you made listen to me awesome waves of sea. I want there . I would shout to you in there those words ;

Main tumse pyaar karti hoon, beintehaa
Soul mates can not say good bye to other half. And if i’d to do I would dare to be able to say in front of you. 

Do you understand ?

And never think that i intend not to be in a corner of your mind. 

Only keep the occasional smile. 

In the corner of your lips , on the my fav dimples. There is my corner.

Well there is that you are blue sea and leave a good colour on me. 
Welcome sea

Welcome virgo.



You are the only one…

Endless love of Mira and Sagar

(Shaurya and Meera) 
-in the darkness I can burn, can stand in the gap. I won’t fall. I

got my wings in my soul. –

When Mira woke up, she found herself somewhere in space. There was a

sweet fragrance and it creates a nice feeling faint smell it on them.

Perhaps, she did not know where at she is.

His scent..She felt it on own skin, the scent liven up like the way ,

it smelled a little bit of grit stone and moss. Mira took deep


Oh, my silver blue…

it was beautiful while on clouds , I’m falling high …

Soon ,maybe my last breath would be your name.


Waves were starting to touch on Mira’s feets.

She tried to remember what happend . Suddenly heard someone’s

screaming , it must be Sofia’s voice.

Yes , This was a dark and cold place so she felt wet and cold on the

whole body in the this locked room.

it was love that place where prisoners had to remind. But Mira had

survived , she just could not remember how she got to this space .

Fear of history had left behind. Now what was a locked room nor in a

dark cell. She have got white place which has no life.

her lover was in pain because of every respect . She was remembering

his smell of voice and heart beats behind of the cold stone walls.

Her little hands are still so cold .

The moved like a white swan . She was ignited with desire to those

little cold hands for the warm by his breath.

 Was he alive? or her father’s army has destroy him? She never know


She never wanted to think about bad possibility.

Later touched on the own heart and tired to his heartbeats again.

That was like paradise.


is just like drowned in deep ocean and take endless breath. No words

can tell about it. No words dare to tell ..

One indispensable thing in the world of her , that is why Mira drank

the poison of love for his flowing blood. Wanted the sarvior this

epic love.

Already was not life a poison ?

Yes, it seemed a poison because meaning of life was it.

Mira knew him like that.She have found him , she was already look for

it since so long time.

Although if they never reach the each other , already she had been

waiting him since time past eternity. She knows that was the twin

soul of Sagar.

 And , She never bring to mind his past or future. She knows , she

never ever endure his lived past can not stand imagine him with

someone else ,still she does. But she semeed just like never care

about what he lived. She just loved this man with depths of the heart

. Her soul that was enough for him. if anyone is thinking that is not

a Love, she never care about it. She knew what is love.

While she is thinking about all suddenly surprised by the existence

of an object in this space. She got shock because there was nothing

more than her and it was a tree. Maybe something like that would

confront in here when thinking about him. Who knows…

  Lovers loves nature because they are on the same plane . Trees,

mountains , flowers, oceans,birds,butterflies…

 For a moment Mira thought the former lovers ; Romeo never have a

love like his love or Majnun never could reach the deserts which just

like his temperature of heart.

or Shah jahan’s Taj Mahal never be compared with his walls of love

which he built Mira’s heart.

Yes, it is true. Mira’s way was diffrent , Sagar was walking another

way. Only a line was making them separate. That was horizon line. Ýf

she was a sky , he was also sea; both of them is blue but not

together. The sea and the sky, in fact that was not same thing for

the mortals . Because this lovers , they are just immortal… that is

why no one did not want them ,just like any great love for. Even this

world never wanted their existence. Their bodies had not even

permitted this love. They had never seen with eyes of world but they

saw eyes of the heart only. it was not that enough?


Enough.. because that is real.

 Mira sat down under the tree which spotaneously came in that space.

it was plane tree . Mira was feeling it was same tree which hang up

the own souls.

Oh, darling ! Keep me in your heart, all over the inside of the heart

if I am a butterfly you are my wings which me makes fly. Your

peerless words fills my all head, just you tell me. Fears , desires

are wrapping my whole body. I’d never want you know. Where I am .. in

the space?

Every place that I’m blind.There is deadlock.Your love is deadlock in

me. Please, find the end of the rope. You only find it ! so I could

solve it. You are still delirious in my every detail. My soul is in

the earthquake look like will be destroyed at any moment. if there is

any silence , know that it is about my madness. Someone says ” Love

is meant to be disappear.”

am I already do at this time. I do… Oh, You are my shadow , if I am

no exist .if shadow is exist ,I am not ? or if I am exist , my

shadow? Tell me. You know better…


Mira was looking up the sky with screaming . Maybe there was no exist

of the sky. She begins to doubt about her presence too. Sky seemed

like waiting his hello or goodbye?

Even in the dark days when in the cold room had tried to feel his

presence . Mira already feels all.

She felt also his silent tears behind the walls. The solitude was

taking far away Mira as occurs her away. She knew they were watching

the same sea behind the walls. The same stars and sun. She knew ,

they had felt the same thing at the same time.

I know Sagar. Well, They just said it was different of what we

believe but we know we are in the same spirit in the world. They

would never know how we found each other. That is only Sea and Waves

.They also never see that how we were our own. They never know how

we both feel same and how we hurl our ashes after burning for love

even they would not understand it. I pity those people.

Mira was stroking the branche of the plane tree as if he was talking

to her from one side . Then Mira’s white and delicate hands have

touched the body of a lion per plane tree.

Nature of lion. Cool; Wild and king. Maybe he drew the lion’s head

with a knife on the plane tree. Mira was so close it and trembling

lips stretcted to the lion. it seemed to come alive but it was not as

a picture . Suddenly this lion disappeared. Mira’s lips remained so

by air. she wished for recall that the lion and for the kiss under

the blue sky in the cool forest. She wanted bring all the stars from

sky on the lion’s mane. She was trying image under the tree his sweet

face and meaningful deep eyes again and again . it seemed as if

deliberately wanting to drown in them, with him there was no pain.

Flowery throne was appering from far away. She reached and touched it. She wanted a butterfly on his left shoulder and leave own wings in

there. And later She wanted a blood for the barbed wire and flow on

the blue flowers. Blood was warm just like heart. if roses never grow

up in thorns. He could feel the pain of the thorns on the flesh. such

as flowers , it belonged to rose thorns and roses also belonged

them, every beautiful thing is hiding teribble pain.

She suddenly found ownself in another space. Those spaces that was as

like travel own and his emptiness . There was no plane tree or

throne . Look up the sky and saw his fingertips had touched the

stars. His scent still was on her nose. This place was the sky of the

space. Mira’s palms filled with Sagar’s dreams. She thought he also

had seen it in his palms .Maybe his hands also filled Mira’s dreams.

She felt own fragance in his dreams , it was strawberry.

She knew , he never abondoned her. This man who wants lay on the

shoulders of the bright star in the sky, That was Mira. And she

dreamed that on his eyes , get drowned in the oceans.

But he was weary of the war , this man was alone until that day he

had never seen the light of day.

Perhaps that is way his heart had found life in heart of Mira. He had

been breathing in there.

Mira was watching own palms while smilling then a butterfly settled

on her finger while flying she also was following it nonstop and

suddenly she fell from the sky in minefield.

She had seen behind barbed wire without even understanding how she

got here.Only silhouette of a man was running but can not posibble

to see his face. Mira thought maybe it was the man she loved ,

without thinking she began to follow him. Then some people’s voice

was screaming to her but she never hear it. Step by step were leaving


As is she had reached a state of war in his heart.

” peaceful warrior he is…”

she whispered and later jumped over the fence. Mira’s white long

dress unraveled and her tender wings stucked on the wire. Then she

heard a sound was calling her name. This person was the her mother.

She walked away never turn the back later slowly she did and saw in

there alot people. friends , family who lives with lies…

”Do not walk away there Mira! Shake of God!!!!!”

Her mother begged to her with weeping eyes. Mira did not know what to

do. Her wings was wounded and she was in pain. Suddenly a bird fell

from the air front of her feets. Ýt was DEAD.

She looked own unraveled dress and barefoot. Her wounds were bleeding


Oh , My love. Where are you? I want forget all pain and regain you


Will not be possible ?

She was difficulty moving in that minefield not knowing where is she

but still She continued on way without any care. She forgot pains

because she knew only he would make good her that is why she was

walking with desire of find . .

Occasional her foots was falling down. .

Wars only happends in the movies or in the real cruel life.

in the lover’s heart only that war would be happend. One side was

shouting at her but she only was on the run and she got tired and

looked up the sky at the flying birds then turned her gaze in the

direction he went . And a whispers wrapped on her ears , body and

all. it was his …

” See , how the clouds are pale and utter those birds are silent

Even they can sense my pain immolating

I wish I had a pan to bring my feeelings into words

so that this world knows , why did I turn insane.

Maybe not on this earth I can be your but together we will shine in

the dark..”

Mira , looked again clouds and birds and suddenly she saw those words

already written on the sky.

She closed her eyes and then whispered ,

I’m the sky, you know and you will always be with me if you look at

the up. Your pain is my pain too .My lover…

 if you are a pen I’m your words… I do not know how will be our

end. Shall be together .. Maybe this is love will be endless as you

say or will be left half-finished. Ýf you turn insane ,also my mind

is trouble with you, only that I know You are part of my soul. I can

not just throw you out of my heart in lifetime.

After telling them ,Mira was stepped on a sizeable mine. Maybe she

would die if she pull out her feet.

Still can not see face of Sagar. The last time Mira was delirious his

name. This time Sagar must have felt someting and had stopped walking

, standing where it without turning around . Fog was increased

futher. The earth began to shake space. He stooped the running in the mine field. Both heart was belong each other’s. The world can hear

the sound of both. Mira heard a nebula voice which she only can fall

for it and she have missed the unique voice . it was deeply sounded:


Sagar… your name fits to sky , to soil but mostly fits to you. Your name

fits to streets and to wind…

 and it mostly fits on my lips.

oh, love is gone suddenly without say any ‘goodbye’ even . I should

have hold you tighter while happy in your arms. Love is over with a

blow, it is like sensetive , fragile. I should have left it like that

while dead in your arms.

Mira closed her eyes and smilled with his lovely dimples.

*What you are thinking about this story? How do you think end of the story or will you write continue of story ? Will she die when she press on mine. It would be end ? *

little letter written for love

I gave myself rein to a dream which never will not happen. As we all fall further down shallowed by our sins. Then doubts surrounded my body with those bad people who never understand us. Unrecognized by God’s grace.
We’re the antidote…
Admittely , hard to notice. I’m lost in a huge love and can not find my way without you. Life, longing to flutter tremble in hiding. Oceans will not forgive our separation.
Shallow the swooned with their tides. So, we still drown in love.
Wish you were beside me as always like dreams, beside me. Wish stay still and look into my eyes. Wish you promise and never back down. Wish you love me all your life. But this is hard they never let out our love. if we will not be shield of each other’s. Do not walk away and then say I deserved better. I did not mean it ..I did not want to better or magnificence. I only wanted you because I’m lost in a huge love of us.That is enough.
And Blue, I cannot find myself without you.

Toward on you


Everyone chooses their own path.

Even if they never want.

let us find the most difficult thing, we love all tragedy.

There is no body, only my way toward on you..

Do you know ?

it has been a dead -end street.

Apparently it was no return like steep slopes and cliffs..
Disputes in front of me , was an ambush.
I also say that you gave up the rescue.
I go turn the prisoners in the hands of love.
if they bear with us in difficulty
I still have hope for the tomorrows.
I have beyond of the love so I can understand
My way only towards on you .. you must know..
it has been a dead-end street.

Know that .





Human is waiting. Some time waiting for the good news, perhaps expecting that you love..Sometimes it is waiting for a savior. Most of the time we are running from own essence while waiting for the life. Voltaire , “We can never live in. We expect to always live.” saying exactly what he meant. Well, then wish this morning clarify what you expect..

Good morning life

I’m still alive!